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Maggie Rogers, #2 Print
by Joshua Meier


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Title: Maggie Rogers, #2
Dimensions: 11" x 14" 
Print Type: Toned Silver Gelatin

Limited Edition of 20.
Signed by Joshua Meir, numbered, and dated on reverse.

About the print/process:

This image was shot with a 4x5 inch view camera with a brass barrel lens from the 1800s. There is no shutter in this setup and so the exposures are “timed” by simply lifting the cap from the lens and letting light do its thing. For this reason, Maggie had to hold still for a full second and that long, direct gaze brought forth an intensity beyond her years. There is also a pulsing, or vibratory feeling in this photo that is produced by the old lens; a strange duality of stillness and movement.

The prints in this edition are split-toned with selenium, meaning that the highlights are warm and the shadows cool. This contrast brings richness and depth to the print.

Included Note
Dimensions: 5" x 7"
Print Type: Screen Print 

“You have, in your hands, a handmade, toned silver gelatin print. This image was created in 2012 for Maggie Rogers as she headed out into the world on her journey to becoming the musician and artist she is today. This edition of 20 is the first full edition to exist and be made available to anyone, so consider it a rarity. Joshua Meier captured this image on 4x5 inch film and joyfully printed each one as a tribute to the release of Maggie’s 2020 archival album. Thank you for coming along on this journey, and congratulations on owning a small, but defining, piece of history. Peace and love.”

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